The complaint of the raven

par Salazar Pascal

The Queen honey bee
Addressed first the divinity:
Beyond her human right
This woman is too lovely
Her skin under the sunlight
Stole the color of honey

Then came the raven, gray and gloomy
Supreme being, hidden in the heathers
I lost both pride and beauty
The blue shine of my feathers
Now inspires so much pity

The bat appeared quite unsure
In front of the deity
Now, the night is not so pure
Her black hair - celestial city
Seeing them, my eyes now blink
I fly away full of pity
Fearing this black fountain of ink

Then the panda came and wept:
The bamboo turned stiff and yellow
Compared to her silhouette
Oh pity for the bow!
Bent like her from head to toe

The old turtle arrived late
Forty-eight years already
Against her, I should recriminate
‘Cause her youth remains steady

At the end the creator replied:
These blessings she deserves them all
For if you knew her dark side
And her sorrow as a whole
These griefs that tear you apart
Would seem the tiniest toll.

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