Here comes my last battle

par Andréa AMISADOR

Here comes my last battle, 
I am here to defeat you
I've been waiting for so long
Paralyzed by Fears as a traitor 
Endlessly listening to their song
I didn't know how my fight was true
But now I am facing you
So here comes my last battle

I've seen my people destroyed by madness
They were killing me, damned wickedness
I've seen falling pillars of culture and democracy
Books were burning our dying country
I've seen my brothers broken and my sisters raped
Tears bled into forest and lakes 
I've seen the Flames of Darkness consuming blossom of our greatness
They damned ourselves to despair and and averagy

So I crosssed years and ages
I sharpened my mind
To not be dazzled by odium
Or jailed by rancor
I passed centuries and millenium
I trained my heart until it becomes my flame
My soul will nevermore be blamed
For a chainmail i'll no longer forget to wear
Today Courage is my armor

After all hardship if faced, 
For the ones I've seen falling
I shall not go back to my lands
Over the course of years,
I've gone through this toxic memory:
I am seeing my comrades who are endlessly dead
And now I am facing past dreadfully

Over the course of years,
I remembered this toxic memory :
I've seen my comrades who were eternally dying
But now i am facing you

I've lost those that to me were dear
Now I know that it grew me wiser
Because, I'm now stronger than ever
With the sword who's my will
I'll bring back these lands to glory
Facing my people's murderers
Whose i'm not going to kill
I can swear it, it can shout it, i dare :
There is no turning back

I heard a miserable country
It saids : - Avenge us, please
I say : - I'll bring them to the straight and narrow
I heard madness' whisper
It saids : - if you are this strong, why don't you get rid
Of these who seeded chaos and planted slaughter
I say : -If I am this strong, i won't be a killer
I heard Evil's coucil :
It said: -Follow me, i will clear what makes you uhnappy
And like a little kid, crying again and again
I said : - I am the only captain of my ship
I see what you are capable of
I know that you are weaker than love
I hear Faith's voices :
It says : I am reason and greatness
I am all you need
I say : I am reason, courage and justice
Life learned me how to believe
Losses teached me how to guard a country
With eternal compassion, unlimited sharing and knowledges
So I am here to defeat the poison of long memories
I am here to honor the great died knights
And the stale living nights
And use my souvenirs who kept myself in slavery
To grow Time's tree
I'm gonna use past memory
I'm gonna write poetry
I'll use pain I've seen
To bring back deads to glory
To light up the future
Even when Death will bring
Desplanation and Averagy
Even if they looks smoother
I will say: Let the future, begin

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