Dedication to Scott Weiland and Song of freedom oasis

par Rus Khomutoff

Arrest this lament
this false flag of endeavor
star eyes at elsewhere
parachute of the midnight aplomb
splendor soils christened by an exorama
defouled by a parasite cancel
who are you in the liturgy of night?
nameless index of
heathen imperial purple
no margin, no reprieve
augur of ceremonial reimagining
of unnoticed thoughts
searing in erasure
murmur of the accidental day
a chasticised saucerful of secrets
eviscerator heaven on call


Usurp of the jonquil intervoid
happenstance arrival pending
a severing of the apparent encore
distant cries and
blossom bones enduring eternity
a face of genius
in full measure of the spectacular now
the explicit nevermind of bulletproof passingness
always unfinished
song of freedom oasis
buying exits

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